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You Still Have time to Win ANY FREE SUIT of your Choice... Get Moving Xx

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  3. YOU could win any free Bandits suit of your choice! Aint no better bikini than a free bikini ;)


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Bandits Gear for the High Octane Babe

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Because sometimes you need a bathing suit you could go skydiving in...

Okay, so maybe you don't NEED to go skydiving in a bikini, but you never know! Bandits Swimwear is designed for the gypsy wandering, adventure seeking, rule breakers who don't want to waste one second of this beautiful life. The whole concept of this brand is that our suits don't need to be relegated to the beach or the pool. You can wear them as bralettes under your favorite tee around town or as bodysuits under high waisted jeans on a date. You can wear them to hang and cuddle with your man in or to kill it at the yoga/cycling/barre class of your choice in. We'll be darned if we aren't going to make some you could jump out of a plane in (or more probably hike, bike, surf, skateboard, etc. in) if you feel like it!

Take the Tobi One Piece in Rust below: put your arms and legs wherever you want! Doesn't matter how far you stretch, fear of *ehem* malfunction? is not an issue.

Every Bandits piece has a suggested "Activity Level" in the detailed product description. Suits listed as "Lay low and slay" are essentially equivalent to your favorite soft bralette. People will see you walking around, chilling at restaurants, shopping, laying by the water, and they will die. You are basically a serial slayer, but pop out your favorite yoga move in one of these and something else will also most likely pop out... just a fair warning ;)

Suits listed as "Light frolicking and general fun encouraged" on the other hand, are good to go for pretty much everything babes normally do in swimwear. Don't go pole vaulting or like cliff jumping or whatever, but splash, run, jump, mess to your heart's content!

Finally, we have the "Find an ocean, a mountain, an airplane, whatever!" numbers designed with our high octane babes in mind. They should keep all your parts perfectly in place while you do everything and anything that you feel like doing! Those bad boys are listed below:

Tobi One Piece in Rust (pictured above) and in Ivory (Below)
Evette Mesh Tee and Banded Bottom
Allison Racer Bra and Low Rise Bottom
Yael Mesh Rash Guard and Banded Bottom (bottom pictured is not the Yael, it is the Gina)

All of these styles will be available during our 20% off PRESALE Launh Party (THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 4th through NEXT MONDAY, MARCH 14th). Suits will ship out by Tuesday, March 15th... so go schedule that trip to Patagonia now...


Branding your Baby and Who to Entrust

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Because if we're being honest here, your designs can be on fleek and your quality can be on point, but if your branding isn't perfection, you can just go home now.

Sounds a little over-dramatic we know, but it's true!  When you start a company (especially one centered on aesthetic and design), your branding is key. You have to figure out how to communicate to the world exactly who you are, what you make, and who you make it for. Subconsciously, people spend one second glancing at your logo, and instantly make a decision about loving (or not really feelin'... OUCH) your brand and your products as a whole.

"So what's the problem with that? If you can design swimwear, you should be able to design anything and everything that has to go with it, right?" W.R.O.N.G. my friends... Just because you can take pen to paper DOES NOT, we repeat DOES NOT mean you know how to create badass graphic design on one of these confusing metal/glass rectangles people like to call "computers." Even the word "computer" sounds distrustful to us. Let's just put it this way: If the swimwear thing doesn't work out, we are more likely to gain employment as rollerblading unicorns delivering pizza than as techies of any kind. Actually, not going to lie, that sounds kinda fun....

Okay, we can come back to that idea later. But basically, we put the pen to paper and came up with the vision for our logo. We needed someone to translate that vision for the "computers" (devil robots) into a graphic design that could be seamlessly applied to website, packaging, and marketing applications galore. Enter: The Branderie.

These little minxes are geniuses. Also doesn't hurt that they are delightful humans who make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside as they perform their miracle magic! Seriously though, trusting someone with the identity of your company (new born baby love) is no small task. Nobody could have ever been more worthy of this trust than Becca and Lauren at The Branderie.

They understand proportions, font, color, weight, and every other aspect of logo design you can think of. They understand how to take the identity of a brand or a product and turn that into a clear and simple image. Their skills in anything paper are killer because of their years of experience in luxury paper goods and event design (see their sister company Suite Paperie). Most importantly, they understand how overwhelmingly important it is for a small business owner to get it right.

Keep in mind that while we have big plans for our Band of Bandits (you guys) to take over the world, right now Bandits Swimwear is just getting started and we don't have some crazy insane budget to throw at tons of marketing material and design projects. The Branderie treated us as if we did. Becca and Lauren were constantly entertaining or OCD as we hammered out font and proportion details for the logo, not willing to stop until we were over the moon about the design. They also HAND DIPPED thousands of hang tags for us to create the INCREDIBLE little numbers you see below:

If you ask us, every single one is like a little piece of art. To some that may seem like overkill. "Who cares about the paper quality on your hang tag or whether the grey has been dipped to a shade of perfection? Somebody is just going to take it right off the suit and throw it away."  But to us, you deserve the highest level of quality in every single aspect of our swimwear. Isn't that what having a luxury label is all about?

In any case, you can bet that each and every time we need to concoct some beautiful little paper creation for you, we will be calling Lauren and Becca. Our advice? If you have a newborn baby dream that you need help turning into a small business, you should too. Because that's what all of you are: creative little (babelicious) unicorn dreamers with adventure in your hearts. Go after what you want. Ask for help when you need it. Life is short and fear of failure is frankly a stupid and idiotic reason not to try your damnedest.

Lastly, when you don't know who to trust, always trust a unicorn.