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Behind the Scenes: Bikini Seance

Stephanie MeniComment

For our inaugural Bikini Bandits shoot, we were really hoping to create something truly organic feeling. No gimmicks, no shenanigans (though don't get us wrong, we love us some good shenanigans... you'll see). Not for our first shoot though. No, we wanted to be raw and show the truest form of ourselves to our future #bandofbandits.

Label Designer, Stephanie Meni, got together with major photog talent (and all around awesome gal) Courtney Parrie to brainstorm a shoot that would capture the spirit of the label and of the first collection. Resulting brainchild: "A Day in the Life" featuring our designer as the model living out everyday tasks in her own designs.

Day one of shooting was both a frenzied race from grass to garden to rooftop to god knows where else and also just a general good time, but something was missing. "A day in the life" of a true Bikini Bandit doesn't end when the sun decides to take a break... we needed night pictures! Something to capture the romantic vibe of the black wet look lingerie style pieces:

Candlelight. Fire. Wax. Yes. 

And so friends, BIKINI SEANCE. What started out as a quest for some cool pics with candles quickly turned into a true life out of body meditative experience in which a pretty great playlist, two good friends, (a super awesome one piece if you ask us), and some drippy trippy candles magically summoned the artistic gods. Seance style.

We did not pretend to meditate. We meditated. We for real dripped wax all over this real incredible vintage butchers table. We felt nothing but a very real connection with every creative fiber in our beings and are so thrilled to be able to deliver the realest possible version of ourselves and our brand to you. If you are wondering what this new swimwear label is really about, these bikini seance pictures are it.

We hope you love them as much as we do! We hope you can see the love in these pictures. Every twisting shadow on the wall, striking line of the suit, and liquid black reflection on the fabric is from us, to you with love.

"The light and love within us honors the light and love within each and every one of you."

Namaste, xoxo