Bandits Swimwear

Bandits Gear for the High Octane Babe

Stephanie MeniComment

Because sometimes you need a bathing suit you could go skydiving in...

Okay, so maybe you don't NEED to go skydiving in a bikini, but you never know! Bandits Swimwear is designed for the gypsy wandering, adventure seeking, rule breakers who don't want to waste one second of this beautiful life. The whole concept of this brand is that our suits don't need to be relegated to the beach or the pool. You can wear them as bralettes under your favorite tee around town or as bodysuits under high waisted jeans on a date. You can wear them to hang and cuddle with your man in or to kill it at the yoga/cycling/barre class of your choice in. We'll be darned if we aren't going to make some you could jump out of a plane in (or more probably hike, bike, surf, skateboard, etc. in) if you feel like it!

Take the Tobi One Piece in Rust below: put your arms and legs wherever you want! Doesn't matter how far you stretch, fear of *ehem* malfunction? is not an issue.

Every Bandits piece has a suggested "Activity Level" in the detailed product description. Suits listed as "Lay low and slay" are essentially equivalent to your favorite soft bralette. People will see you walking around, chilling at restaurants, shopping, laying by the water, and they will die. You are basically a serial slayer, but pop out your favorite yoga move in one of these and something else will also most likely pop out... just a fair warning ;)

Suits listed as "Light frolicking and general fun encouraged" on the other hand, are good to go for pretty much everything babes normally do in swimwear. Don't go pole vaulting or like cliff jumping or whatever, but splash, run, jump, mess to your heart's content!

Finally, we have the "Find an ocean, a mountain, an airplane, whatever!" numbers designed with our high octane babes in mind. They should keep all your parts perfectly in place while you do everything and anything that you feel like doing! Those bad boys are listed below:

Tobi One Piece in Rust (pictured above) and in Ivory (Below)
Evette Mesh Tee and Banded Bottom
Allison Racer Bra and Low Rise Bottom
Yael Mesh Rash Guard and Banded Bottom (bottom pictured is not the Yael, it is the Gina)

All of these styles will be available during our 20% off PRESALE Launh Party (THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 4th through NEXT MONDAY, MARCH 14th). Suits will ship out by Tuesday, March 15th... so go schedule that trip to Patagonia now...